NYSSPE Participates in the 10th Annual Lower Hudson Valley Engineering EXPO

This past weekend, The New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) participated in the 10th Annual Lower Hudson Valley Engineering EXPO at White Plains High School.  NYSSPE chapters that were represented included Westchester/Putnam , Rockland County, and Orange/Sullivan.  (See below for the results of our newspaper tower contest.)

The NYSSPE Rockland Chapter was the founding organization of the Engineering EXPO 10 years ago.

The Engineering EXPO is intended to be a fun, hands-on learning event with a goal of teaching students and adults how engineering impacts almost everything we do on a daily basis.

This year, the crowds at the EXPO seemed to be the largest ever as it was extremely difficult to even find a parking space.

The NYSSPE chapters held a contest that garnered a lot of interest all day long.  Students who participated were given two pieces of newspaper and one, ten inch piece of tape and we challenged to build a tower as high as possible that could stand for 30 seconds.  What seemed like a simple contest yielded some amazingly creative and complex newspaper towers, which you can see in the photos in this post.

Lower Hudson Valley Engineering EXPO 1

The Winner at 88″ Tall!

Believe it or not, our two winners, constructed towers of 88 and 84 inches!  It was great to see so many students who took on this challenge.  Some of them spent almost an hour contemplating and building their tower.

The two winners were awarded i-Tunes gift cards and are hopefully on their way to successful engineering careers.  That’s what the EXPO is all about.  Making children aware of all of the exciting opportunities that an engineering degree and license can bring to you.  It was great to be part of another successful Engineering EXPO.

The NYSSPE also ran a contest for college students to assist them in obtaining funding for starting student chapters, which we will write about, in another post.

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