The New York State Society of Professional Engineers Awards Timothy Lynch, PE Government Engineer of the Year

At the recent New York State Society of Professional Engineers annual conference in Lake Placid, Timothy Lynch, PE was awarded the NYSSPE 2013 Government Engineer of the Year award, which recognizes a professional engineer who is employed in the public sector.
Tim Lynch NYCDOB

Mr. Lynch is the executive director for the New York City Department of Buildings Forensic Engineering Unit. He is a New York licensed professional engineer with over twenty-five years of structural engineering experience. Appointed executive director of the Forensic Engineering Unit in 2009, Mr. Lynch was formerly chief engineer of the newly chartered Excavation Unit. With almost one million buildings in New York City, in his capacity as director of the Forensic Engineering Unit, he oversees a team of specialists, all principal engineers, who respond to structural collapses, major fires, construction accidents involving serious injuries and property damage.

During his acceptance speech, Mr. Lynch explained to the audience that his department inspected approximately 80,000 buildings during the month following the devastating Hurricane Sandy. An amazing feat, but one that has served to try to help the citizens of New York recover as quickly as possible.

Mr. Lynch and the Forensic Engineering Unit assist with the development of new building codes, initiatives and implementation of construction code regulations on a regular basis.

Mr. Lynch earned his engineering degree from Queen’s University, Northern Ireland, and has been with the department since 2005.

He has used his position through the years to promote the unique role of the professional engineer, as well as the professional responsibility of the PE to safeguard the public. His numerous lectures to professionals over the years, while always informative and educational, are also impassioned and galvanize to action.

It was the pleasure of the NYSSPE to present Mr. Lynch this award to recognize the great service that he provides to the citizens of New York City on a daily basis.  Click here for photos of the awards dinner.

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