NYSSPE PEC Honors William Rodwick, PE, for His Distinguished Engineering Career and Achievements as Past President of the Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE)

William RodwickWilliam M. Rodwick, PE, MPA, was recently honored and received a Certificate of Excellence from the Professional Engineers in Construction Group (PEC) for his distinguished career as a professional engineer, his exemplary dedication in supporting the profession as past president of the Practicing Institute of Engineering, and his volunteer services to the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE). The certificate was presented by Rudi O. Sherbansky, PE, chair of PEC, and by Dr. Jim Yarmus, PE, chair-elect of PEC of the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE).

Mr. Rodwick was honored during a recent PEC event on October 8, 2013, at which he provided members of NYSSPE a presentation on the topic of foundation walls and underpinning design. Mr. Rodwick has worked for over 24 years with NYC Transit (MTA) as senior construction manager, chief of quality and safety management, and assistant vice president of the Engineering & Design Division. Prior to that, Mr. Rodwick worked for 25 years with the US Army Corps of Engineers. Mr. Rodwick also served as a technical and continuing education trainer, developing and presenting over 25 courses to thousands of design and construction professionals. He is a licensed professional engineer in New York State, with a BSCE and MPA.

William Rodwick

Mr. Rodwick’s presentation at the PEC event was an overview of temporary and permanent support to existing foundations in order to provide additional depth or to increase the soil’s bearing capacity. The intent is to support the structure without failure and without settlement that would be detrimental to its integrity or function. Several types of underpinning were reviewed, and analysis methods were presented under a variety of soil and foundation conditions. Construction processes were also discussed based on specific case projects.

Mr. Rodwick’s lecture included discussion on the following topics:

  • Determining need for underpinning
  • Reasons for underpinning
  • Temporary underpinning
  • Bearing capacity
  • Steel wales, strut braces, and rakers
  • Underpinning of interior columns or walls
  • Timber underpinning
  • Influence line
  • Influence line with underpinning
  • NYCT “influence line”
  • Underpin “case” definitions
  • Settlements caused by underpinning
  • Lateral support
  • Soldier beams/lagging or sheet piling
  • Underpinning foundation walls
  • Underpinning contractor and designer qualifications
  • Existing-structure examinations
  • Underpinning submittals
  • Underpinning piers
  • Pier pit installation sequence
  • Excavation-site safety
  • Drypacking

The PEs in Construction Group (PEC) is devoted to matters of professional interest. Our objectives include the following:

  • Provide effective forums for discussion and united action on the part of society members involved in the construction industry, for the enhancement and betterment of professional recognition and status, conditions of employment, and other matters of mutual welfare.
  • Enhance professional recognition and status of engineers in the construction industry and report on notable construction projects and engineers’ and firms’ achievements in the construction industry.

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