NYSSPE Participates in the Successful 2014 NYS STEM Education Collaborative Institute

FINAL STEM DESIGN webThe mission of the New York State Stem Collaborative is to define and promote the scope and integration of STEM education as a statewide and national model. The collaborative members, which include AMTNYS, NYSSPE, NYSTEEA and STANYS work collectively and collaboratively to deliver STEM Education in the spirit and vision of New York State’s Mathematics, Science & Technology (MST) Frameworks and Learning Standards.

One of the collaborative’s biggest initiatives is their STEM Education Collaborative Institute which takes place every 2 years.  The event serves to educate and inspire STEM educators from around New York State.

There was a great turnout for the event this year which was held July 14th and 15th at Alfred State University. The attendees participated in learning sessions on topics such as forensic science, 3D computer modeling, hydrofracking, astronomy, polymer science and engineering, robotics, AutoCAD, geospatial reasoning, wind energy, nanotechnology and more.  Sessions are intended to help educators incorporate these topics into their curriculums.

Several NYSSPE members were present and active at the event.  Frank Roma, P.E. served on the coordinating committee for the event and also presented a poster that utilized a fluid mechanics problem to illustrate how both technical and non-technical issues can drive an engineering project.

Louise Carosi Doyle, P.E. was a speaker on the plenary panel. The panel opened the Institute and focused on how STEM integration and innovation is improving student achievement. She reminded all that engineers solve problems and emphasized that math and science is one of many tools engineers use when solving problems. March Chiffert, P.E. presented a course entitled Math and Science Examples in Architectural Engineering.

NYSSPE Executive Director Anthony Fasano, P.E. gave an inspirational keynote session entitled “How STEM Educators and Students are Changing the World: A True Story.” Fasano gave examples of successful engineers that struggled with math and science but succeeded as engineers because of the guidance from their STEM educators.


The NYSSPE is honored to be involved with an event of this caliber that has such a powerful purpose and looks forward to continuing to work with the NYS Stem Collaborative achieve its mission.

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