The New York State STEM Collaborative is looking for Engineers to Present at the 2015 Institute

FINAL STEM DESIGN webNYSSPE is a founding organization of the NYS STEM Education Collaborative (STEM Collaborative). The collaborative was formed five years ago with several teacher organizations and is now expanding with other partnerships. The goal of the collaborative is to have students in Pre-K through 12, and beyond, taught the STEM subjects through a integrated hands-on method.

The STEM Collaborative will be holding our fourth STEM Institute on July 12-14, 2015, at Alfred State SUNY College of Technology. The Institute allows educators to learn from other educators in the STEM community. A number of engineers have participated in the previous Institute conferences and we are hoping more will participate this year. Engineers are needed to make presentations to explain what engineers do, to show various learning activities, and to give examples of how STEM is involved in all aspects of engineering.  For example, last year NYSSPE member March Chiffert, PE presented a session explaining what Architectural Engineering (AE) is and gave examples of AE in industry.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN PRESENTING, please go to the STEM Collaborative website and register as a presenter

The proposals are limited to 50-100 words and should include all of the subjects to be covered. You do not have to send the entire presentation. The presentations should be one hour. The deadline is February 27th.  Also, please let Frank Roma know you have submitted a proposal or submit to him questions you might have.

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