NSPE’s 2015 Annual Conference Focused on Membership and Collaboration


NYSSPE had several representatives attend the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Annual Meeting, including President Larry O’Connor, PE, LS, F.NSPE, President-Elect Laura Pellizzi, PE, and Executive Director Anthony Fasano, PE.

Many of the sessions at the conference on the leadership track were devoted to member services, membership growth, and collaboration between all of the 50 State societies.

Mark Golden, NSPE Executive Director, and Tim Austin, PE, NSPE President are very focused on working hard this year to bring more consistency to the membership structure and possibly making modifications to help NSPE grow.  One of the items discussed in detail between the State leaders was how to bring more consistency to the membership application process and fee structure.  Currently there are different pricing structures and levels throughout the country (almost 10,000 different options), making it very difficult for the different States to work together on a unified front.

There was also talk of NSPE improving their marketing efforts so that non-members better understand the value of what NSPE is providing.

NYSSPE representative will continue to work with NSPE to ensure that NYSSPE members are getting a tremendous amount of value for what they are paying.

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