NYSSPE Participates in 2015 NSPE Northeast Regional Meeting in New Jersey

The 2015 NSPE Northeast Regional (NER) meeting was held on October 8th through 10th in Galloway, New Jersey.

NYSSPE Executive Director Anthony Fasano, PE, attended the meeting and participated in the business meeting on October 10th.

The business meeting was very focused. NSPE Past President Harve Hnatiuk, PE discussed some of the initiatives going on at the NSPE, including a re-branding of the society.











Some other points offered up by State representatives included:

  • Success with the help of a company entitled Multi-view for newsletters.
  • The positives of being involved in the First Robotics competition.
  • The continued work of trying to eliminate the Industrial Exemption for PEs.
  • A family day had been helpful to some societies for increasing attendance at events.
  • Great to see Congressman Westerman standing up for engineering in Court.

The NER meeting next year will be hosted by the NYSSPE in Saratoga, New York.


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