NYSSPE Executive Director, Anthony Fasano, PE, to present a TEDx talk on the Development of Young Engineers

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NYSSPE Executive Director, Anthony Fasano, PE, will present a TEDx talk on the importance of the promoting engineering to our youth on March 8th, 2016 at Bergen Community College. His presentation will focus on inspiring the next generation of engineers. In this inspirational talk, Fasano will dispel all myths about engineering being a nerdy or boring profession. He will challenge the audience to start to spread the idea that engineers will save the world and inspire them to excite more of our youth about this innovative profession that may just save our planet.

This talk is in line with NYSSPE’s work with the New York State STEM Collaborative on trying to ensure that grade schools are preparing and educating students about the exciting and rewarding opportunities in the field of engineering and STEM as a whole. A summary and video of Fasano’s talk will be available after it is given.

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