Job Openings for the Parks & Recreation of the City of New York

The City of New York Parks & Recreation is seeking 4 qualified individuals to fill positions for an Administrative Horticulturist and several Deputy Commissioners. The NYC Parks is the steward of nearly 30,000 acres of land (14% of NYC). They operate more than 800 athletic fields, nearly 1000 playground, 1800 basketball courts, 550 tennis courts, 67 public pools, and many more. Qualifications, major responsibilities, and steps for application for the open positions can be viewed below:

Deputy Commissioner, COO – (Manhattan, NY)
Deputy Commissioner, CAO – (Manhattan, NY)
Deputy Commissioner for Urban Park Services and Public Programs – (Manhattan, NY)
Assistant Commissioner of Forestry, Horticulture and Natural Resources – (Olmsted Center, Queens, NY)


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