NYSSPE Legislative Update June 2016 – Parking Garage Inspections Legislation

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Anthony Fasano PE, Executive Director of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) speaks with Mark Kriss, Esq., NYSSPE legislative counsel in our second June/July legislative video update on the proposed parking garage inspection legislation.

Kriss discussed that the impetus for this bill was the partial collapse of a parking garage the same day a Broome County Executive was in the garage.  This prompted local politicians to reach out to NYSSPE President Larry O’Connor for assistance in investigating how often these parking garages need to be inspected, and currently there are no requirements.  This proposed bill which NYSSPE helped to craft, has already passed the assembly, and requires buildings to have inspections every five years. This parking structure situation is a good example to engineers of what we do at NYSSPE.  We try to help improve the safety and welfare of the public through the proper legislative channels.

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  1. While this may appear to be more government getting involved with everyday life, I have had the experience where we inspected a garage structure collapse, found severe deficiencies but could not get any traction on either a repair or closure of the structure. The building official refused to step in. Our hope is that this legislation will remedy the problem.

  2. Salvatore Capitano PE says:

    Due to the nature, and exposure, of the structures used for garages, together with their original design and construction, periodic inspections beginning with the oldest, and most vulnerable, would serve the best interests.
    At the same time, in all fairness to all, a minimum criteria could be established and periodic inspections might reasonably vary from 5 years to 10 years.

  3. The City of Syracuse has had an ordinance requiring a limited parking garage “condition review” on an annual basis, as well as a more involved “condition assessment” every three years, since the early 1990’s. Its creation was triggered by the partial collapse of a parking garage in Syracuse. In my opinion, this ordinance has led to a significant improvement in the overall condition of Syracuse parking garages.

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