Gustave Eiffel – NYSSPE Engineer of the Week

Gustave Eiffel

Gustave Eiffel

NYSSPE’s Engineer of the week features Gustave Eiffel, born on December 15, 1832 in Dijon, Côte-d’Or, France. He was a civil engineer and architect. During his time, Gustave was involved in various bridges for the French railway network.

In his early career, Eiffel specialized in metal construction. One of his first projects was brought to him in 1858 when he oversaw the building of the iron bridge at Bordeaux in France. Eiffel is best known for the design of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France which began in 1887. This complex tower with a unique design is admired by the Parisians and many tourists that visit to see the structure.
After Eiffel decided to retire, he researched meteorology and aerodynamics. This interest was sparked by the previous challenges he ran into with wind force effects on the structures he built. Eiffel passed away on December 27, 1923. His life can be remembered as one of great influence.


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