NYSSPE on the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Goals in New York State

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The above NYSSPE legislative video discusses a recent push by the governor’s office to increase the  Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) goals for state projects in New York State.  We have received many comments on this issue from both MWBE and non-MWBE entities.  This video covers some of the benefits and possible pitfalls to an MWBE goal that is too high and too low.

Please comment below this video with your thoughts on this issue, so we at The New York State Society of Professional Engineers, can consider your opinions and experiences on this issue when we make decisions moving forward.

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  1. Peter J. Fadden, PE says:

    The availability of qualified MWBE firms, both in the consulting engineering and construction contracting areas, is being outstripped by ever increasing goals. As the goals continue to rise, the non-MWBE consultants and contractors are becoming managers of subs rather than performers of work. For the costs in trying to involve MWBE’s in the proposal or bid efforts by the consultant and contractor is not recoverable if the proposal or bid is not won. The cost of self performing work is typically less than the cost of managing subs, whether a MWBE or not, with less control over the quality and schedule.

    Giving MWBE’s opportunity when logical in the proposal or bid process needs to be provided with logic, rather than proscriptive goals that lead to increased costs with no overall benefit to the public who ends up paying.

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