New York State Board for Engineering, Land Surveying, and Geology – Board Meeting Summary – 9-19-16

A New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) representative attended the New York State Board for Engineering and Land Surveying board meeting on September 19, 2016. The following is a summary of the meeting.

Meeting Albany, New York City and Syracuse via video-teleconference

SED Staff and a quorum of Board Members in attendance

(Guests present: Emily Whalen and Thomas Buchanan representing NYSAPLS, Mark Kriss representing NYSSPE)

Minutes of prior meeting reviewed and accepted

Noted that the selection of a new chair is in process and that the 2016 NYS Legislative Session is presently in recess.

Two recent legislative developments reported:

1- Chapter 260 Laws 2016 – Approved by Governor Cuomo
Amends NYS law to permit conversion of geology firms organized as general business corporations or limited liability companies to professional corporations or professional service limited liability companies

2- Chapter 299 Laws 2016 – Approved by Governor Cuomo
Provides for expedited consideration of professional licensure application by SED for spouses of military relocating to NYS


Jane Blair, P.E., Executive Secretary to the Board, reported that the committee continues its work on reviewing record retention requirements including circumstances involving employed engineers. (It has previously been noted that in many instances records are typically the property of an employer and an employee generally does not have the ability as such secure and retain project and work product records. Record retention requirements may need to be updated to reflect these limitations. )


The committee met on July 18th to finalize the October NYS Specific exam and begin development of the April exam. The April exam will be developed under the new exam blue print. This is available on the website. The committee continued its work on developing new questions. The committee is planning to meet October 24th to continue work on April exam and development on additional exam questions.

Efforts have been underway for a considerable time to update the requirements governing licensure as a land surveyor. It is anticipated that a legislative proposal to amend the licensure requirement to include a formal education component (an associate’s degree in LS at minimum) may be considered by the Legislature in the upcoming session.


NCEES will reduce the costs for both the FE and FS exams commencing in 2018 by an estimated $50.00. Various awards to schools have been posted on the NCEES website. The conversion to a computer-based testing method for PE examinations is scheduled to be rolled out commencing in 2018.


Interest in expanding the use of design build continues on the state level and in New York City. Additional legislative initiatives are expected in the upcoming legislative session.


The passage of legislation requiring licensure for geology has permitted the Department to employ new information technology and all applications will be reviewed using an on-line review process which will serve as a model for engineering and other professions. The roll out has worked well thus far with issuance of geology licenses expected to commence November 21, 2016 to applicants who meet the grand-parenting qualifications. The window for grand-parenting ends November 20, 2017.


In the wake of alleged abuses tied to Super Storm Sandy, and other incidents regarding allegations of wrongdoing, including the alteration of engineering reports by non-engineers, the Department has convened an Ad Hoc Committee including engineers, architects and landscape architects to look at the issues of supervision and responsible charge.

Date for the next meeting to be determined – tentatively early November timeframe.

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