NYSSPE Legislative Update December 2016 – Parking Garage Inspections Legislation Vetoed

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The New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) recently helped draft legislation that passed both the Senate and the Assembly that would require regular structural inspections of parking garages.  Unfortunately the legislation was recently vetoed by the Governor and in this video NYSSPE Legislative Counsel Mark Kriss, Esq. explains why the governor took this action and what our next steps will be to continue to try to move this important legislation forward.

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  1. Rudi O. Sherbansky says:


    The only reason for this Veto that I heard Mark Kriss mention in the video was the fact the New York City was not included in the bill. Is that the only reason?? There is a myriad of NYS laws that exclude Cities in NYS that are greater then 1 million people, i.e. NY City.

    If this was the only reason for the Veto, I think that the governor’s action is extremely harsh towards nysspe. I think we should send a letter to the senate & assembly leaders reiterating the safety issue of un-inspected public garages, expressing our disappointment in the governor’s unjustified Veto and requesting alternative solutions.

  2. Rudi O. Sherbansky says:

    See copy of the parking inspections bill here:


    Senate Bill S7669.

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