NYSSPE January 2017 Member Benefit Update

I wanted to provide a brief update on some of the exciting membership benefits that we currently have and are working towards creating to ensure that your membership remains much more valuable than the financial cost.

  1. Firstly, we have been publishing videos with legislative updates so that you can stay up to date with the Society’s current legislative efforts and better understand how your membership is supporting the PE license. You can view them all at nysspe.org/videos and also subscribe to our YouTube channel for notifications.
  2. We continue to offer more PDH sessions across the State on various important technical topics. Member rates make these sessions very affordable and in some cases offer multiple PDHs in one course. You can view all of them at nysspe.org/pdh
  3. Also with the help of some of our members, there are now 11 free PDH courses available for members licensed in New York on the National Society of Professional Engineers website which you can view here. Previously, most of these 15 free PDH courses were not accredited for New York.
  4. Our President Laura Pellizzi, P.E. is working hard to bring additional member benefits to the table at no added cost to you, including long term insurance options and possibly even some healthcare packages.
  5. We have also invested in an app called the PDH tracker, which will be able to automatically populate Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE) and NYSSPE courses that you’ve taken and keep a record for you with certificates. The app is expected to launch in late February.

And above all else, I am currently sitting on a special NSPE national committee that is working on creating a unified dues structure, which would essentially lower NYSSPE member annual dues. So soon, you will be getting the benefits I described above at a lower price.

There’s never been a better time to be a member of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers. Your membership is helping us to defend and promote the lawful and ethical practice of engineering while also providing you and your company with benefits in the process.

Thank for your continued support. Please consider sharing this video with a colleague who is not currently a member of the society and feel free to leave comments and thoughts below this video.

Thank you,

Anthony Fasano, P.E.
NYSSPE Executive Director

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