NYSSPE 2016-2017 Year End Legislative Summary Part 1 of 2

The above video is the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) 2016-2017 Year End Legislative Summary Part 1 of 2. The video is presented by Anthony Fasano, P.E., NYSSPE Executive Director and NYSSPE Legislative Counsel Mark Kriss, Esq.

Here is a time-stamped breakdown of the video to make it easier to find the sections of interest to you:

  • [0:07] A. Fasano introduces video topics and item #1.
  • [0:33] M. Kriss describes the first item, the Budget Bill, with respect to the changes made on Design Build (click for detailed video).
  • [2:10] A. Fasano introduces item #2 – the big three legislative issues, indemnification, emergency responder, and the statute of repose (click for detailed video).
  • [2:35] M. Kriss discusses these three items in detail and where NYSSPE is focusing its energy.
  • [3:39] A. Fasano discusses the indemnification clause from our members perspective.
  • [4:19] M. Kriss discusses how NYSSPE is focusing on emergency response work.  Mark details ideal scenarios for professional engineers under these circumstances.
  • [5:53] A. Fasano introduces item #3 – the expansion of QBS.
  • [6:02] Mark Kriss discusses QBS and how NYSSPE is seeking expansion of QBS along with other organizations.
  • [6:39] Anthony Fasano previews the upcoming video and summarizes NYSSPE’s legislative effort using an analogy.

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