NYSSPE December 2017 Legislative Update – Design Build in New York

The above video is a New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) legislative update . The video is presented by Anthony Fasano, P.E., NYSSPE Executive Director and NYSSPE Legislative Counsel Mark Kriss, Esq and focuses on the topic of Design Build in New York.  There is an extensive Design Build FAQ on our website here.

Here is a time-stamped breakdown of the video to make it easier to find the sections of interest to you:

  • [0:06] A. Fasano introduces the video topic as Design Build in New York State.
  • [0:22] M. Kriss discusses the topic of Design Build in reference to the budget and the current agencies that are permitted to utilize the Design Bid methodology.
  • [1:08] M. Kriss discusses the lawsuit that was filed to protect the engineering community and the public, which has led to more Design Build in New York.
  • [1:40] M. Kriss discusses under what circumstances Design Build is authorized in New York.  He specifically discusses three-way contracts and what they entail.
  • [3:00] A. Fasano clarifies what a three way agreement refers to.
  • [3:50] M. Kriss talks about the divergence of views around the three-way contract and the perspectives of different professions.
  • [4:05] M. Kriss recommends that when an engineer seeks employment, he or she should make sure that the company he or she is going to work for has a Certificate of Authorization.
  • [4:40] M. Kriss briefly discussed some issues regarding Special Inspections in New York City.
  • [5:04] A. Fasano reinforces the idea of knowing that your company is certified and has proper documentation.
  • [5:18] M. Kriss discusses some fraud issues in the insurance industry.
  • [5:46] A. Fasano summarizes the Design Build status in the public and private sectors.

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