NYSSPE Reorganization Planned for 2018

In January of 2018, NYSSPE will initiate a structural reorganization.  Long-time Executive Director Anthony Fasano, P.E. will transition out of the Executive Director role. The organization may look to retain Anthony in the future to continue advising NYSSPE as a consultant on marketing, membership, and legislative issues.  Fasano may still appear in some of NYSSPE’s legislative videos, an effort that he initiated that has been popular among members, as well as continue to assist with the New York City Design Professional Day event(s) that he started four years ago.

During his tenure as Executive Director since 2012, Fasano was responsible for overseeing NYSSPE, and also its sister organizations, The Practicing Institute of Engineering (PIE), and The Foundation for Engineering Education (FEE).  Fasano assisted with moving the PIE accreditation process online and moving FEE to a cost plus arrangement with event providers.  Fasano was also selected as one of a dozen people in the country to serve on a National NSPE committee that re-designed the new NSPE dues structure, which will lower NYSSPE member dues starting later this year.

As part of this reorganization, NYSSPE may look to make other organizational changes that could include the hiring of staff to work in the Albany Headquarters.

It’s an exciting time for NYSSPE as the PDH event offerings continue to grow and membership fees are about to decrease.  Your continued support is appreciated through this transitional period.

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