Required 1-PDH Engineering Ethics Lecture to be Presented At The 2019 National Engineers Week Celebration Event in NYC

By the PEs in Construction Group,  February 2019

Lewis Tesser, Former Chair of the New York State Bar Association’s  (NYSBA) General Practice Section will discuss and answer questions regarding ethical and legal aspects required by (and expected of) professional engineers and architects at NYSSPE’s 2019 NYC Engineers Week Celebration Event, which will be held on Monday February 18th, 2019 at the Time Square Marriott Marquis in New York City.  The purpose of the engineering ethics presentation is to provide an overview of ethical conduct and legal aspects required of professional engineers with primary emphasis on the big picture of being a professional in New York State. Mr. Tesser will discuss concepts and/or nomenclatures of:  What it means to be a professional; obligations; licensed vs. unlicensed Engineer; what requires an engineer’s stamp; attaining License in other States; exemptions from licensing requirements; hiring unlicensed engineers; unprofessional conduct; avoiding problem areas and communicating.

The engineering ethics presentation will be part of a series of 6 presentations (6-PDH) celebrating Engineers Week on Monday February 18, 2019 with some very interesting topics focused on infrastructure improvements and green/energy efficient measures.  The PE’s In Construction Group of NYSSPE is organizing this presentation series in conjunction with the Association of Towns of the State of New York (AOT) at the AOT 2019 Training School and Annual Meeting.  This will be the Association of Town’s 86th Annual Meeting. The event attracts elected and appointed officials from more than three-quarters of the state’s 932 towns.

To find out more information about the presentations and the 2019 National Engineers Week celebration event in NYC, CLICK HERE.

Lewis Tesser is a senior partner at Tesser, Ryan & Rochman, a New York City law firm representing professionals and firms regarding their professional practices and defends them at disciplinary proceedings.  Mr. Tesser is a former Chair of the New York State Bar Association’s  (NYSBA) General Practice Section, Past President of the New York County Lawyers’ Association (NYCLA) and the Editor-in-Chief of the Oxford University Press two volume treatise, “The New York Rules of Professional Conduct.”  Lew served as Assistant United States Attorney, Eastern District of New York and as a Captain and Judge Advocate in the United States Army. He is an Honors Graduate, National Law School of George Washington University and holds a Masters Degree from The Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania.

To find out more information about Mr.Tesser’s presentation on February 18th, 2019, use the following link:

The PE’s In Construction (PEC) Group of NYSSPE is organizing this presentation series as part of the 2019 National Engineers Week celebrations.  National Engineers Week was created in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) and coincided with President’s Day. This is no coincidence, since George Washington, the 1st President of the United States was a land Surveyor and Engineer.   National Engineers Week is promoted by the Engineering societies to celebrate the importance of the Engineering Profession. Since 1951 this event has served as a showcase for the many exciting contributions that Professional Engineers have made to our society.  To find out more information about this 2019 National Engineers Week celebration event in NYC, use the following link:


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