Award Nomination Form


  1. Name of NYSSPE chapter or Nominating Organization;
  2. Name, address, daytime phone number, email and signature of chapter representative;
  3. Name of project, Location & Completion date;
  4. Name and title of project representative responsible for project.  Indicate if the representative is a PE.  This person will serve as contact.  Also include project representative company name, address, daytime phone number and email.
  5. Project design firm.  Include name and title of representative, address, daytime phone number and email;
  6. For public relations purposes, names and addresses of two or more local newspapers and any other publications you would like NYSSPE to notify;
  7. Include a one-page statement written for the general public stating why the nomination is an outstanding engineering achievement; and
  8. Attach the following entry requirements:
  9. A narrative, not to exceed 20 pages, describing the overall engineering requirements of the project, type of construction, cost, and other pertinent engineering data.  Be concise, yet thorough.
  10. A minimum of five photographs suitable for publication attached to the original entry, charts and diagrams for illustrative purposes, and pertinent published articles as supplemental background material.  Each entry is limited to ten pages of charts, diagrams, and other supporting materials.  Additional photographs will be required of winners for press purposes.

All nominations must be accompanied by ten copies (ten clear photocopies are acceptable).  All supplemental materials must be typewritten on 8- 1/2″ x 11″ paper.  Elaborateness of entry is not a factor in judging.

The NYSSPE PEC Interest Group serves as the judging panel.  They evaluate the projects on contributions to human, environmental, or social needs, originality and innovation, applications of engineering principles, and economic impact.  The criteria are evaluated as follows:

Application of engineering principles 25 points
Originality/innovation 25 points
Complexity 20 points
Social significance 15 points
Economic impact 15 points
Total 100 points

An entry receiving less than 70 points will not be considered.

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