Officers Nomination Submission Form (Odd Year)

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  • This form contains one of the most important tasks you will be requested to participate in as a member of NYSSPE.  It is an opportunity for you to provide the Nominating Committee with recommendations for the future leadership of our Professional Society.  It deserves your prompt, careful and thoughtful consideration and input.
  • Because of your active involvement in the leadership of NYSSPE or its Chapters, I wish to draw on your knowledge for recommendations for candidates for NYSSPE office. A list of the offices for which candidates are sought for the 2016-2017 Administrative Year is shown below. Please review it carefully.
  • If you are personally interested in being considered for an office, please do not hesitate to make your interest known. If you are an incumbent, please state your desire to seek re-election unless, of course, you have served the maximum number of terms allowed by the Constitution.
  • A form requesting detailed biographical information will be sent to all recommended candidates so it is not necessary for you to provide that information when recommending someone. However, it would be helpful to the Committee if you could provide one or two paragraphs outlining why you feel someone is particularly worthy of consideration. Recommended candidates will be asked to submit a narrative in support of their candidacy. They may also be asked to answer questions and provide responses to the Nominating Committee by a date to be determined. Their answers will help the Nominating Committee in their deliberations.
  • Recommendations for candidates must arrive at NYSSPE Headquarters no later than the close of business on November 30, 2015. Earlier submissions will be appreciated. Please use the attached form for your recommendations.
  • Important items for you to remember as you consider candidates for recommendation to the Regional Vice Presidents and Nominating Committee are:
    •  The Nominating Committee cannot nominate any of its members for an office but it can nominate one of its members for continuity. Only one member of the Nominating Committee can be nominated to a second term for continuity.
    • Resignation of a Nominating Committee member, from the Committee, in order to seek nomination to an officership does not make that person eligible for nomination to an officer position.
  • NYSSPE Regional Vice Presidents Composition
  • Seek out your candidates NOW! Submit your recommendations to NYSSPE Headquarters, to my attention, so they arrive by the end of business on Nov. 30th, OR SOONER if possible. They can be emailed to Jennifer Miller at or faxed to 518-283-7495
  • Executive Committee

  • (This is a two-year term as President-Elect – 2016-2017 and 2017-2018)
  • (Current Treasurer: James Kuhn, PE – can be re-elected (2) 1st term)
  • (Current Asst. Treasurer: Burrell Fisher – can be re-elected (2) 1st term)
  • Regional Vice Presidents

    The Regional Vice Presidents represent their designated chapters and are responsible for reporting their activities and issues to the Executive Committee and Board. Term of Office: Two years, allowed 3 consecutive terms.  Roles & Responsibilities: Serve as a voting member of the Board and of the Executive Committee (Ex-Com), Attend Executive Committee Meetings (4-5 yr) and Board Meetings (2 yr), Communicate with your chapters & report to Ex-Com, Works on special projects as assigned by Ex-Com or the President and report on them.
  • (Current VP, Rudi Sherbansky, PE - can be re-elected (2) 1st term)
  • (Candidate Needed, Current VP, Marty Zanghi, PE unable to serve another term)
  • (Current VP, William Klepser - can be re-elected (2) 1st term)
  • Nominating Committee Delegates

    The nominating committee members review all officer nominations, award candidates and select qualified members to NSPE for fellow member.  Only one member of the Nominating Committee can be re-elected for continuity.
  • (Current member: Bruce Mawhirter, PE)
  • (Current member: Vacant)
  • (Current member: Steven Grogg, PE)
  • (Current member: Douglas Cole, PE) - Individual has served maximum time in position. Not eligible for re-election
  • (Current member: Vacant)
  • (Current member: Mark Bajorek, PE)
  • NSPE Fellow Member Nomination

    The NSPE Fellow Program is a national program intended to recognize deserving professional engineers who have demonstrated long-term professional service at the chapter, state and national levels of NSPE.  The NSPE Board of Directors established the Fellow recognition program to honor those licensed members who have demonstrated exemplary service to the profession, the Society, and the community
  • Individuals recommended for consideration will be sent a form, which they are to use for submitting biographical information. Therefore, it is not necessary for you to provide a lot of detailed information. However, you are encouraged to submit a brief summary of why you feel an individual may be particularly qualified for consideration. In the past, such summaries have proven extremely useful to the committee in its deliberations.
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