PIE – Practicing Institute of Engineering, Inc.

In 2002, continuing education, also known as continuing professional competency (CPC), became mandatory for licensed Professional Engineers to maintain their New York State registration status. This competency is measured in professional development hours (PDH) and each licensed engineer is required to complete 36 hours of continuing education during each three-year registration period.

The modern world of engineering is one of rapidly advancing technology and innovation. Continuing education is designed to help professional engineers remain current in this time of rapid change, which is critically important to both meet client expectations and protect public safety.

The Practicing Institute of Engineering, or PIE, facilitates engineers’ ability to meet these educational requirements by evaluating and approving courses for professional development hours (PDH) credit and by facilitating the same for the sponsoring organizations affiliated with it.

To learn more and to have course material approved for Professional Development Hour credit please visit www.practicinginstitute.org.

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