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The PE’s in Construction Practice Division is devoted to matters of professional interest. Our objectives include the following:

  • Provide effective forums for discussion and united action on the part of society members involved in the construction industry, for the enhancement and betterment of professional recognition and status, conditions of employment and other matters of mutual welfare.
  • Enhance professional recognition and status of engineers in the construction industry and report on notable construction projects, engineers’ and firms’ achievements in the construction industry.

The PE’s in Construction Practice Division activities and events include the following:

  • Periodic meetings to discuss a wide range of professional and career growth opportunities, for those just starting out on the career path, to principals and business owners.
  • Organize PEC’s Annual Awards Program for the recognition of notable construction projects and distinguished professionals in the Construction industry.
  • Contributing articles of interest to PE’s in Construction, pertaining to notable construction projects, new technologies, trends, and developments in the Construction industry.
  • Organizing mentorship initiatives to connect engineering students and interns with PE’s in the construction industry.

To obtain additional information about PEC activities or to attend PEC meetings, contact:
Kate Sajduk, PE











Kate Sajduk, PE

Rudi Sherbansky, PE

Andrew Yarmus, PE, F.NSPE

Dr. James Yarmus, PE



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