Buffalo Storm Facilitates NYSSPE Participation in the NYS Code Enforcement Disaster Assistance Response (CEDAR) Program

After the recent snowstorm in Buffalo, many NYSSPE members volunteered their time to assist in engineering duties related to the storm.  Thanks to the very active participation of the NYSSPE Erie-Niagara Chapter Board members, NYSSPE has started conversations with the NYS Department of State Division of Building Standards and Codes Emergency Management Unit.

This department coordinates the NYS Code Enforcement Disaster Assistance Response (CEDAR) Program, which is a program that facilitates professionals volunteering to assist after natural disasters.  Click here to read more about the program.

NYSSPE will be in more discussions with the Emergency Management Unit over the coming weeks as to how to facilitate NYSSPE members in getting into their database and then distribute the information to all members so that they may enroll if interested in volunteering.

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