NYSSPE Legislative Update December 2016 – Post Election NYS Legislature Breakdown

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The November 2016 elections may or may not prove to have a major immediate impact on Professional Engineers in New York State, however the makeup of the New York State Legislature certainly can impact what legislation with regards to engineering laws gets passed. [Read more…]

NYSSPE Legislative Update December 2016 – Parking Garage Inspections Legislation Vetoed

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The New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) recently helped draft legislation that passed both the Senate and the Assembly that would require regular structural inspections of parking garages.  Unfortunately the legislation was recently vetoed by the Governor and in this video NYSSPE Legislative Counsel Mark Kriss, Esq. explains why the governor took this action and what our next steps will be to continue to try to move this important legislation forward. [Read more…]

NYSSPE Video: Can a municipality require a bid bond for engineering services?

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The video above serves to answer a question that one of our members asked: can a municipality require a bid bond for engineering services?  This member encountered this issue himself when his firm recently bid on an engineering project in a municipality in New York.

NYSSPE legislative counsel Mark Kriss, Esq. explains in the video that it is lawful for a municipality to require a bid bond for engineering services, but it is extremely rare, and this was the first occurrence that he has seen in his thirty years of practicing.  Requiring a bid bond might deter engineering firms from submitting proposals and in turn reduce the number of firms interested in working in that municipality.

NYSSPE consistently promotes the use of Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) which you can learn about in this recent video. [Read more…]

NYSSPE NYC Lobby Law Update September 2016 and FAQ

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The above NYSSPE legislative video discusses the 2013 revisions made to the New York City Lobby Law, which may be implemented in the near future. Many engineering companies are concerned that these revisions may hamper their ability to communicate effectively with officials, as they broaden the definition of lobbying.

Click here for a full FAQ on lobbying for architects and engineers and please  comment below this video with your thoughts on this issue, so we at The New York State of Professional Engineers, can consider your opinions and experiences on this issue when we make our decisions moving forward.


To be clear the New York City law is presently in effect and in a number of respects parallels the state law.  However, the laws do have material differences.  An engineer or architect must comply with each law on a stand alone basis.  Each law must be independently analyzed to determine whether a lobbying registration requirement (or restriction) is triggered.  This can result in the need for filing in both jurisdictions or solely in one jurisdiction. Efforts are underway to amend the laws to offer an integrated approach statewide.  NYSSPE is assisting in this effort. Currently in New York City architects, engineers, and their respective firms are only required to register with the NYC Clerk’s Office if they anticipate earning or incurring more than $10,000 for lobbying activity.  The New York State threshold is $5,000.  An amnesty program in New York City has recently expired. The statewide amnesty program expires on September 30, 2016. More information about the statewide program can be found at: http://www.jcope.ny.gov/pubs/eblast/Final%20Lobbying%20amnesty%20extension%20eblast%206.30.16.pdf and at: http://www.jcope.ny.gov/Application%20Requesting%20Amnesty%206_29_16.pdf [Read more…]

NYSSPE on the Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) Goals in New York State

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The above NYSSPE legislative video discusses a recent push by the governor’s office to increase the  Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprise (MWBE) goals for state projects in New York State.  We have received many comments on this issue from both MWBE and non-MWBE entities.  This video covers some of the benefits and possible pitfalls to an MWBE goal that is too high and too low. [Read more…]

NYSSPE Commends the Attorney General for the 50-Count Indictment over Forged Superstorm Sandy Engineering Reports

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The New York Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman recently announced a 50-count indictment charging Matthew Pappalardo (not a NYS licensed engineer) and his former employer, HiRise Engineering, P.C. with allegedly altering engineering reports prepared in connection with the assessment of structural damage of residential properties resulting from Superstorm Sandy.

NYSSPE commends Attorney General Schneiderman on his action and hopes this is the beginning of more aggressive action against engineering malpractice which NYSSPE believes is happening throughout the State.  In this specific case, there were several NYSSPE members whose reports were altered. [Read more…]

A Summary of the Legislative Work that is performed by The New York State Society of Professional Engineers

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At The New York State Society of Professional Engineers, our mission is to promote the ethical, competent and lawful practice of engineering, and enhance the image and interests of our members and the engineering profession.  Our core values include:

  • Protection of the public
  • Licensure
  • Ethical conduct
  • Professionalism
  • Competency
  • Fulfillment of member needs
  • Service to the public
  • Enhanced image and well-being

To realize this mission, we do a lot of legislative work that engineers in New York State are not aware of.  We put together the video above to give engineers an idea of how NYSSPE is pursuing our mission.  We appreciate the support of our members who allow us to continue to do what we do. [Read more…]

Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) for Engineering Services

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The video above showcases clips from a session on Qualification Based Selection (QBS) at the 2016 National Society of Professional Engineers conference in Dallas Texas.  The session was given by Jeffrey Hancock, PE of SMH Consultants, and this video was created by NYSSPE and published with his permission.

Qualification Based Selection (QBS) is a two-step competitive professional selection process.  The process is based on evaluating the experience, capabilities, and technical skills of an engineer or engineering firm in relation to the needs of a specific project.

Forty-six states including New York have implemented QBS law, and numerous localities have also adopted laws based on the federal guidelines.

The New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) is a proponent of QBS and will continue to be a voice for QBS in New York State.

[Read more…]

NYSSPE Legislative Update July 2016 – Spring Legislative Session Summary

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Anthony Fasano PE, Executive Director of the New York State Society of Professional Engineers (NYSSPE) speaks with Mark Kriss, Esq., NYSSPE legislative counsel, in a legislative video summary of the 2016 spring legislative session. This summary provides the final results of the three main issues covered in our previous NYSSPE legislative videos: parking garages, fingerprinting, and NYC Design-Build. The following information describes the outcome of each topic further in detail, and provides the time stamps for the location of each topic in the video.

Parking Garage Inspections (0:29):

NYSSPE assisted in the passing of a bill which will require regular inspections for parking garages in New York. The intent of this bill is to protect the public health and safety of individuals at risk to parking garage collapses. This bill has passed both houses and NYSSPE expects that this bill will be signed by the governor.

[Read more…]

NSPE National Legislative Update June 2016 – How All States are Affected

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The above is a short video of Arthur Schwartz, CAE general counsel and National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE) Deputy Executive Director.  In this video, Schwartz speaks on the advocacy efforts that NSPE has been involved in as of recently. His speech took place at the NSPE Professional Engineering Conference in Dallas, Texas in June of 2016.

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