Volunteer Structural Engineers Needed in Buffalo, New York

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Western New York was recently hit with a significant snowfall event.  Our NYSSPE Erie/Niagra Chapter has asked us to share the following special request (see below) from the NYS Dept. of State Division of Building Standards and Codes, for structural engineers interested in volunteering their time.

Please Note: Individual volunteers should obtain assurance in writing that their actions are indemnified by the appropriate government entity and their voluntary efforts are held harmless from personal liability.


Special Request for Additional Structural Engineers

Beginning early this week, Western New York has experienced a significant snowfall event.  Over six feet of snow has accumulated in some areas.  The weather service predicts temperatures will rise above freezing through early next week, resulting in a significant snowmelt and the potential for flooding in the region.  There is also the risk of building collapse as a result of the weight of the snow.

DBSC is assembling a list of individuals who would be available from Monday November 24 to Wednesday December 3.

All Interested individuals (Code Enforcement Officials, Engineers and Architects) should send an email to CEDAR@dos.ny.gov, and indicate their name, contact information and available dates.  Individuals will then be contacted with additional information.

Joe Smith, Town of Anywhere, Some County, NY
Cell – 123 – 456 – 7890
Dates available 11/23, 24, 25 and 12/1, 2.

Thank you for your participation.

Eric C. Bradshaw
Disaster Response Coordinator
New York State Department of State
Division of Building Standards and Codes


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