NYSSPE Legislative Update January 2017 – Unethical and Unlawful Practice of Engineering in New York

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In this January 2017 NYSSPE legislative update video, Executive Director Anthony Fasano, P.E. and Legislative Counsel Mark Kriss, Esq. will discuss instances of unethical and unlawful practice of engineering in New York State.

Here is a time-stamped breakdown of the video to make it easier to find the sections of interest to you:

  • [0:00] Introduction and overview of unethical and unlawful practice topics to be discussed in video,
  • [0:52] Mark Kriss, Esq. discussed one specific case where a young girl was killed due to falsified information by an engineer,
  • [2:26] Mark Kriss, Esq. discusses how there are other active cases that are putting the safety and welfare of the public at risk,
  • [3:06} Anthony Fasano, P.E. describes how NYSSPE members are supporting these legislative efforts.

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